Private IP

What is Private IP?

Private IP is the name given to the setup and configuration of a single private network, which allows clients to connect multiple sites together. As the name suggests, the created network is private and secure. Internet traffic between sites is routed securely and does not traverse the internet.


A FireNet Private IP solution is the most secure, reliable and cost effective way for clients to share data, voice, video and business applications between multiple sites.

Seamless & Secure Connectivity Between Offices

Most businesses these days require  seamless connectivity, whereby remote offices are all securely connected together, to form a single corporate network.


FireNet’s Private IP solution does just that and allows companies to access their data from interstate or remote office locations.

Why Choose FireNet?

FireNet owns and operates an Australia wide aggregated and highly redundant network from 8 datacentres around Australia. Our core network is built on Cisco and Juniper equipment with over 20Gbps of network capacity. This allows us to provide scalable and customisable network solutions that exceed our client’s business expectations.


In house, highly skilled network engineers are available to assist our clients with support and implementation needs.

Diverse Connectivity Options

FireNet is able to deliver business internet services nationally, utilising the best connectivity options available, from the majority of Australian upstream carriers. This  means  that our clients can  get  the best  connections  possible, rather  than having   to settle  for  infrastructure  that  is available, from  only  one  upstream provider. This can become important when dealing with multiple sites, as it is quite common for businesses to have to use dissimilar infrastructure, for different client sites.


FireNet can offer clients a wide variety of ‘last mile’ access technologies. This includes ADSL/ADSL2+, NBN, Ethernet over Copper, Ethernet over Fibre and Wireless 3G. Our 1:1 low contention rates on our internet connections make us the natural choice for client’s wanting first class internet services.

For more information

Check out our Private IP Brochure  or contact our sales staff by email or 1300 636 636

Highly Secured Private Network

Private IP Solution available Australia wide

Allows integrated VoIP solutions between sites

No download Usage charges between sites

Local Australian Support available

Online Network Monitoring statistics

Easily Scalable. From 2 to over 100 networks

Layer 2 Links are aggregated at FireNet datacentres around Australia

Uses MPLS technology

Clients receive dedicated Layer 3 virtual networks

Integrate with Cloud service providers – AWS Private Connect, Microsoft Azure Private Connect, Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud

Clients can select their own internal IP address scheme

Centralised Internet gateway

Quality of Service (QoS)

Managed Router at no cost

Last mile redundancy

99.98% Network availability