FireNet started as a small Sydney based ISP back in 2000 and has now grown to be one of Australia’s leading business based ISP’s. At FireNet, we believe that our greatest strength is our customer service, where we are able to provide friendly, one on one customer support at all times.

What makes us different?

Businesses only:

FireNet is different from other service providers, as we only service business customers. This means that our network is never under load with such applications like bit torrent and other P2P programs. Accordingly, customers can benefit from a fast and low contention based network.

Custom Solutions:

FireNet is able to deliver tailor made solutions to meet our customer’s needs. This allows customers to benefit from a solution that fits their exact business needs and help reduce their costs.


Our Network:

FireNet operate their own Cisco and Juniper MPLS core network (AS38883 IPv4 and IPv6) with over 50Gb’s network capacity. This allows us to provide our customers with highest performance available in today’s market. The FireNet network is completely managed in house 24/7, which ensures that our high speed performance is readily available, in order to meet your critical business needs.


FireNet National network capabilities: 

  • Points of pressure (PoP’s) are located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth.
  • Located in 8 data centres across Australia.
  • Diverse, protected intercapital connectivity.
  • IP Transit providers – Vocus, Telstra, and AAPT.
  • 1,10 and 40Gbit port capacity.
  • Geographically redundant PoP design allows seamless failover of customer services in the event of an outage. This seamless failover means that no customer intervention is required and downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.
  • Advanced MPLS design utilising Traffic Engineering.
  • Cisco ASR, Juniper MX routers and Brocade switches are located across Australia in our primary PoP’s.
  • FireNet utilises peering networks to bolster our domestic and international connectivity.


FireNet’s network is enabled with Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS). MPLS is an advanced method of switching IP traffic. MPLS technology offers similar levels of security and performance as traditional ATM, or Frame Relay private networks, but at a fraction of the cost. MPLS IP-VPNS offer all the cost benefits of traditional VPN’s, without the security risks or hardware hassles.

(QOS) Traffic Prioritisation: 

FireNet`s MPLS national enabled network, supports QOS of your sensitive data such as VOIP and Video. We follow Cisco and Juniper`s QOS models, to ensure that the correct traffic classes are used for each traffic type. This allows you to prioritise traffic and place it into different queues, depending on its level of importance. This allows a more efficient utilisation of network bandwidth at your office.

Our Network