Cloud ESXI Hosting

Why Cloud ESXi Hosting?


FireNet offers fast and secure Cloud ESXi hosting services, within our world-class datacenters Australia wide.

Built on VMware’s platform using Dell hardware, it has been designed with redundancy in mind. We have redundancy at all levels including multiple clusters, hosts, IP transit and SAN storage. Our two separate clusters are deployed in Equinix and Global Switch Sydney. FireNet customers are able to ultise VMWare features like vMotion, HA, Fault Tolerance and DRS.

For additional pricing or for a tailored solution

Please contact our sales staff by email or 1300 636 636

Integrate into your Private IP Network.

Managed or un managed Virtual Machines.

Linux ® or Windows ® images on demand.

High performance Cisco / Brocade and Juniper based network.

Fully customizable configurations (CPU cores, Memory and storage space).

Integrate with Cloud service providers – AWS Private Connect, Microsoft Azure Private Connect, Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud

Onsite and offsite backups available.

Control the virtual server in the way you like.