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if you require assistance please don’t hesitate to contact our support staff through any of the methods below.


1300 636 636

+61 2 9397 7050


FireNet Looking Glass:

For technical users. Ping, Traceroute and BGP information (Both IPv4 and IPv6) on how FireNet see`s the rest of the world.

FireNet Acceptable Use Policy:

Customers may download FireNet`s Acceptable use Policy from here: FireNet AUP

FireNet Privacy policy:

Customers may download FireNet`s Privacy Policy from here: FireNet Privacy Policy

FireNet Customer toolkit:

Customers can access their invoices and account usage from here: FireNet Toolkit

FireNet Network Status:

Customers can view our Network Status from here: FireNet Network Status

FireNet Action Based BGP Communities

FireNet supports Action based BGP Communities More information can be obtained from: Supported Action Based BGP Communities

Infrastructure Info

Primary DNS Server

Secondary DNS Server

Primary IPv6 DNS Server


Secondary IPv6 DNS Server



Primary NTP Server