ethernet over fibre(EoF)

Business Ethernet Service


FireNet is an Australian owned and operated Layer 2 ISP, offering high-speed business grade internet services throughout Australia.


As bandwidth needs increase, FireNet can provide symmetrical Ethernet links from 10Mbps to 10Gbps with guaranteed SLA’s. All installed Fibre services come with dedicated 1:1 non-contended connections. These services are directly connected to one of our POP’s in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra or Perth.


Fibre connections use fibre optic technology to transfer data which essentially means that the information travels at the speed of light. Using this technology enables the user to maximise the speed of their connection for super-fast results.

Connectivity Options

Speeds from 10Mbps / 10Mbps to 10Gbps / 10Gbps

Able to connect offices to co-located equipment

Available Australia wide with over 2,000 buildings currently active

Why choose FireNet Ethernet over Fibre Solutions?


Fast & reliable

FireNet has over 20Gbps of network capacity available to its clients. We don’t deal with home users and our connections are never over utilised. We can provide guaranteed speeds and our core network is designed with redundancy and speed as a priority.



FireNet is not bound to any particular upstream provider allowing us to provide connectivity from a number of different carriers such as AAPT, TPG, Telstra, Vocus, NextGen and Pipe Networks. This allows us to implement the most cost effective solutions for clients according to their office location. It’s this independence that allows us to provide clients with the best solutions available.


Low contention rates

All our business grade services operate at a 1:1 contention rate. This is your guarantee that the connection you pay for is allocated and guaranteed.


We are a Layer 2 ISP

Being a Layer 2 ISP means that all internet connections sold by FireNet are terminated on equipment owned and operated by FireNet. This is unlike Layer 3 ISP’s, who resell other providers connections and have little to no control, support and configuration of their client’s connections.


Guaranteed SLA’s

All our business grade services come with 99.95% Service Level Agreement. Our network has been designed with core network redundant links and multiple upstream IP Transit suppliers. This ensures maximum uptime and reliability.


Check out our EoF Brochure  or contact our sales staff by email or 1300 636 636

Fully managed

Fast & reliable

Low contention ratios

MPLS enabled core network

Dealing with Layer 2 ISP

Customisable network solutions for your business

Deal directly with those who facilitate your connection

Fast & superior support

High core network redundancy

True failover / redundancy options available

Easy speed upgrade options available

99.95% guaranteed up time

        99.95% network availability

        Included Static IP

        Uploads not counted towards included download limit

Integrate with Cloud service providers – AWS Private Connect, Microsoft Azure Private Connect, Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud

        Managed router included at no cost

        Local Australian support

        24 hour monitoring and fault detection

        Easily connect offices to FireNet’s Private IP or colocation solutions

        National network coverage

        1:1 contention rate

        QinQ and QoS support