Wireless Ethernet

Wireless Service


FireNet can provide reliable business grade Wireless Ethernet links from 1Mbs to 100Mb, with a guaranteed SLA for critical business needs, where Metro Ethernet or SHDSL is not available.

The service is a dedicated 1:1 contention link from your office to one of FireNet’s POPs in either Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane.

Connectivity Options


Speeds from 1Mbs to 1Gbs

Available Australia Wide

Redundant connectivity options at a reduced rate

For more information

Please contact our sales staff by email or 1300 636 636

Traffic reporting statistics

24-hour monitoring and fault detection

IP Blocks available at an additional cost

 Connect into your Private IP Network

Low latency

High performance Cisco / Brocade and Juniper based network

Integrate with Cloud service providers – AWS Private Connect, Microsoft Azure Private Connect, Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud

Backup NBN or Backup EoC using automated BGP failover are available

4G Mobile Broadband

4G Mobile Broadbrand


FireNet’s Mobile Broadband allows you high speed internet access, anywhere you can get a mobile phone (3G) signal, making it ideal for users who live or travel, to regional parts of Australia.

The national coverage gives us access to over 97% of Australia’s population.

Static IP addresses are provide to all customers.

 24 hour monitoring and fault detection.

Connect to your Private IP Network nearly anywhere

 Data plans to suit anyone’s budget.

Use as a backup service using automated BGP failover