FireNet have an open peering policy for other networks who wish to peer domestically with our network. We welcome any potential networks that would bring value to both networks with a minimum peering speed of 100Mbps.
    Peering locations are available on our PeeringDB record at


Peering Requirements


  • Both parties shall have consistent route announcements across all public and private interconnection points.
  • Both parties shall make every reasonable effort to limit and control Denial of Service attacks and forged packets from within their network.
  • Both parties shall announce only their own routes and those of their transit customers to one another. Route leaking is prohibited, and will be filtered if detected.
  • Both parties shall refrain from using one another as a route of last resort, or otherwise sending traffic to the other party for a route not announced via BGP.
  • FireNet can provide MD5 password for each BGP session (optional).
  • Both parties shall maintain Network Operations Center that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Both parties shall provide advance notice of any planned maintenance, and immediate notice of any unplanned outages, affecting any interconnection.

Peering Information:



Looking Glass:

Peering Record

612 9397 7050


Max Prefixes (IPv4):

Max Prefixes (IPv6):