Spam Filtering

Spam Filtering Services


FireNet`s spam filtering is a professional domain-level email spam filtering service, for organisations ranging in size from small businesses with only a handful of mail boxes, all the way up to enterprise customers with thousands of mailboxes.

FireNet Spam filtering offers your business access to industry proven email scanning technology, without the headaches that can accompany the administration or its cost. Current industry reports on email, suggest that 1 in 28 emails contain a virus, while as much as 75% of all email is spam.

For additional pricing or for a tailored solution

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Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spoofing and Anti-Phishing protection.

Email Quarantine Mailbox for emails that are believed to be spam.

Domain administrator that can control your companies email quarantine settings.

Redundant Backup Spam Filtering.

As cheap as 50 cents per mail box, per month.