VoIP – it just makes sense


FireNet’s Voice over IP (VoIP) solution is designed for companies wanting to reduce their telephony costs, whilst improving their business communication processes. It just doesn’t make sense for companies to continue using traditional PBX systems that require their own dedicated ISDN or leased lines.


Given the fact that most businesses these days require an internet connection for browsing and email, it makes perfect sense for companies to leverage off this connection and utilise it for their phone system. VoIP call rates are also substantially cheaper than traditional PBX call rates as well as not incurring an additional upfront connection cost, or what is commonly referred to as “flag fall”.

Who should use VoIP?


VoIP is ideal for businesses that……

  • Make high volume outbound calls
  • Make long national calls
  • Make a lot of international calls
  • Need to connect multiple offices together
  • Need more control over their phone system



There are a few requirements needed, in order to move your business onto a VoIP platform.


Internet Connection: A VoIP system requires an internet connection to function. It is important to ensure that your existing internet connection has enough capacity to transmit your VoIP data, as well as mail and internet browsing.


IP Phone: Most phones that are connected to a traditional PBX system are analogue and are not compatible to be used on a VoIP system. As VoIP is a digital service, all phones must be capable of communicating via IP and be able to connect to a VoIP SIP Server.

What is VoIP?


VoIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. In simple terms, it refers to any voice or multimedia (Video) communication that is sent over an internet connection.


Fundamentally it is not that dissimilar to a traditional PBX phone system. Phone calls are still made and received, but instead of using telephone lines that are connected into your phone system, the business can use their internet connection.

Why use VoIP?


Significant Cost Savings: Save on your monthly phone call costs.  FireNet has implemented numerous VoIP solutions, whereby our clients have seen cost reductions in excess of 50%.


Scalable: Adding additional SIP trunks (lines) and expanding a FireNet VoIP system is very easy. Our infrastructure has been designed with redundancy and scalability in mind. So as your business grows, our system can grow with you.


Phone Number Portability: With a FireNet VoIP system, taking your existing number with you is easy. So it doesn’t matter if you move as you will always keep your number.


Manage Your Own Phone System: FireNet has an easy to use VoIP Management Portal. This allows clients to control the way their phone system operates and allows greater flexibility for them to make changes to their system, with the click of a mouse.


Rich in Features: VoIP provides rich features such as Interactive Voice Responses (IVR), Advanced Call queues, selective call forwarding, voicemail to email, personalised ring tones and much more.

For more information

Check out our VoiP Brochure or contact our sales staff by email or 1300 636 636

Cost savings can be as much as 50% less than non-VoIP phone systems

No Flag Fall costs charged

Cheaper International Call Costs

Connect multiple offices to the one phone system

Free phone calls between offices connected to FireNet’s Private IP / Internet connections (conditions apply)

Easy to relocate if your business moves

All telecommunication services consolidated on one invoice

Choose from 4, 8, 16, 32 or 64 concurrent calls

Direct In dial Numbers available

Interstate VoIP numbers available

Port your existing Australian business numbers

Scalable: From 1-100 extensions

Advanced Call queue handling

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) available

Voicemails sent to email

Access and Control your Extension, via our Web Based Management Portal

Supports SIP or soft phones

Flexible Auto Attendant

Music on Hold


Soft phone support

Call Parking

Call forwarding from handset

Call Pickup

Call recording

Conference room calling