Expanding your networks

Becoming a Re-seller or wholesaler

FireNet offers System Integrator’s, Managed Service Providers and IT Consultants access to our Wholesale offerings and white labeled services.

With access to over 10 data centres across Australia, wholesale customers can leverage off our coverage and combined purchasing power with Australia’s leading providers.

FireNet offers services that can be great way to add new recurring revenue source and assist in value add products for your existing customers. You can develop and operate your own branded business and FireNet is always there to provide advice and support should you need it. We offer rates that gives wholesalers significant cost savings than going directly to retail providers. Our wholesale partners are then able to bill their customers directly and provide them with customer support as they have already become accustomed to.

In partnering with FireNet means that we are there to assist you the wholesaler throughout the provisioning process ensuring that your customer’s expectations are met and provide you with ongoing support.

Wholesale partners have access to all our products such as, Ethernet over Copper, Ethernet over Fibre, Fixed Point Wireless, NBN, Hosted Voip \ SIP Trunks, Private IP (MPLS) to name a few.

For more information please contact our sales staff on 1300 636 636 or by email

Products offered


Ethernet First Mile (EoC)

Metro Ehternet (Fibre)

Private IP (MPLS VPN)

Cloud ESXi hosting

IP Transit

Intercapital Ethernet

3G Mobile Broadband

Point to Point Ethernet

Premium DSL

Co-Location Services


Spam Filtering



Wireless Ethernet